1. All I want is to be a guiding light in your life. And show you everything will be alright. Happy Monday. (at vine: @romeolacoste)

  2. B told me ” that’s why we get tattoos of cartoons and stuff from our childhood, so we’ll always remember those times and where we came from ” (at twitter: @RomeoLacoste)

  3. Another tattoo session on the bro @khalil RIP to all haters. (at vine: @romeolacoste)

  4. Nothing is impossible for those who want it more than anything. (Go follow my personal photographer @devinography this man is a wizard. He’s the best) (at twitter: @RomeoLacoste)

  5. Tattooed Justin again last night till 6am. He showed me a lot luv. Thanks @justinbieber (at www.romeolacoste.com)

  6. Tattooed the bro Soulja Boy last night. Swag boyz (at vine: @romeolacoste)

  7. Thanks @kikilawl for coming by to get tattooed last night!💜 (at vine: @romeolacoste)

  8. Tattooed the homie @souljaboy again. Swag boyz 😎 (at twitter: @RomeoLacoste)

  9. I’m a beast. The world let me loose. ( photo by: @devinography ) (at twitter: @RomeoLacoste)

  10. The Chosen One. 🙏 (photo by: @devinography ) (at www.romeolacoste.com)